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Eternity Is Here – NOW!

Tammie Rothermel’s new book has arrived! Eternity: Is This It?, the second in the More series has been released. It is packed with shocking twists and monumental, life -altering turns.

As Nikki’s scorching-hot music career sizzles across the world - the “Agency” heats up her involvement in their global espionage game. Meanwhile, the mysterious stranger, Alex, intensifies his pursuit of the diva. Together and separately Nikki and Alexander roll the dice with their lives as they encounter double-dealing treachery inside the clutches of the “Agency.” From opulent Europe to gritty Hong Kong back alleys, Alex takes Nikki on an impassioned romp. They pursue life until dire consequences force calamitous decisions on the couple.

The second in a series of four, yet a stand-alone novel, Eternity: Is This It? ignites the reader’s imagination with inspired romance and gripping suspense. Woven in the vibrant magic of the 60’s British Rock Invasion and laced with transfixing espionage fresh from the Cold War, Eternity: Is This It? is a compelling read.

Advance Reviews

THRILLING!! What a ride! – S.R. Hall

Read it twice – didn’t want to leave the characters. – S. Yourk

Super well crafted. The characters really come alive. Didn’t want it to end. V. Schoenstein

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Audible version of Eternity: Is This It? is now available! Voiced by the author herself.

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