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Full of twists, turns, surprises, adventure, and romance, the work of Fountain-Hills-based author Tammie Rothermel leaves readers spellbound and wanting more.

After a lifetime of creative and non-creative professional writing, Rothermel has homed in her impeccable writing skills to complete her latest work of fiction – More! – a vibrant and thrilling love story that follows country girl Nikki as she embarks on the romance of a lifetime with famous rock and roll star Grant Henderson.

More! is a fast-paced romance novel and the beginning of a multi-book series currently in the works - a continued adventure that Rothermel looks forward to sharing with her readers.

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A Celebrated Romance Novelist with Sheer Talent and Plenty of Accolades

Rothermel is a lover of words and has been creating characters since she was a young child. From inventing stories to enrich her play to directing dramas on the playground, storytelling has always been a significant part of her life.

Having begun writing at a young age, Rothermel quickly became a compelling wordsmith. She has used her talents to chronicle the lives of on-the-road musicians, become the executive manager at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, and write articles stimulating political action within her beloved community.

Tammie Rothermel has been awarded the National Independent Publishers award in 2006 and has been welcomed into the Lower Verde River Valley Hall of Fame for her work.

With more time to focus on what she loves, Tammie Rothermel has begun writing creatively again. Her latest fictional pursuits are love stories that incorporate action, mystery, and adventure!

Rothermel’s Latest Romance Novel

An Enticing Read for Lovers of Every Genre

Despite being dubbed a romance novelist, Tammie Rothermel’s books have been enjoyed and celebrated by lovers of every book genre. Her ability to combine tender romance with glamor, thrilling secrecy and globe-trotting adventure allows her characters to attract and capture the imaginations of readers of all interests, ages, and genders.

Fans have described Rothermel’s work as:

  • A thrilling ride
  • A fast-paced adventure
  • Full of surprises and romantic twists
  • Writing that holds your attention and leaves you wanting more

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Expect More Work from One of the Country’s Best Romance Writers

Aptly named, Tammie Rothermel’s latest novel More! will leave you wanting just that – and you’re in luck! The adventure doesn’t end with this latest publication. Rothermel will be continuing the experience with more related romance books to come.

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Tammie Rothermel, The Author

"I can’t remember a time when I didn’t see the world in words,” remarks the author Tammie Rothermel. It’s never just “snowing.” It’s “big, goose down feathers of snow layered freshness across the countryside.” As a child, invented characters and pretend circumstances enriched her play and protected her against the scrapes and knocks childhood dished up. Always writing, even in grade school, Tammie created quick little dramas for her school friends to act out during recess. Gripped by the British music invasion during her time at North Farmington High, Tammie actually met the Beatles on their first transcontinental tour of the U.S. She produced two books chronicling life on the road with one of the lightning-hot groups. From her first creative writing assignment at Central Michigan University, her English professors recognized her innate talent. There Tammie honed her writing skills and use of imagery. Marriage, family and a job as an executive manager of an Arizona Chamber of Commerce redirected her slant. Tammie’s laser-precise articles stimulated political action inside her community, where she earned the reputation as a “compelling word smith.” Working for an economist with dual doctorates from Oxford, further sharpened her talents as she edited his daily writings and three books. The Independent Book Publishers rewarded her first published effort with “Winner” in the Romance category of their national competition. Tammie’s latest endeavor - the More! quadrilogy has already generated unbridled excitement. Tammie Rothermel and her husband have resided in Arizona for the past 45 years along with their four daughters’ families.

More! so much more than a romance novel:

Rothermel somehow combines every reading genre imaginable into one ... Rothermel has a way with words that not only brings you into the action but holds your attention throughout. B. Pechin

The characters are so real they stay with you. You don’t ever want to leave them. Sharon Yourk

Nominated for the Independent Publisher Book Awards for Best Fiction 2006 and Best Romance of the Year and took “Finalist” winner for Best Romance. These high honors for first time author, Tammie Rothermel convey her exceptional writing abilities. I. Watson

Independent Publishers Award for Best Romance of 2006

Receiving national Independent Publishers Award for Best Romance of 2006

Hall of Fame 2012

Hall of Fame 2012