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testing excellent book

Jerry Roth

More! captured me immediately then propelled me through the entire story. An easy read, before I knew I was half way through the book. Rothermel’s superb command of words creates extraordinarily descriptive, visual scenes alive with action and emotion. This could be a movie. And oh, who is that mystery man? I can’t wait for the next book!

V. Schoenstein

A fun read! An exciting story of Niki, a young teenage American girl, during the 1960’s British Boy Band craze. There are lots of twists and turns that you don’t expect. A fast and enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to her next book.


More! by Tammie Rothermel encapsulates the deepest and darkest aspects of human relationships wonderfully. The plot continuously reveals layers of information and exciting plot twists. The characters have been created with a great deal of consideration to ensure their personalities are diverse and interesting. Nikki is an amazing character; her parents instilled such high morals and values in her as a child and these were apparent throughout her interactions with others. She possessed incredible emotional strength and intelligence and also kept her grace and dignity when faced with hurt and betrayal. I also thought Mary was a beautiful soul; she had fantastic perception and integrity. The band’s manager and Grant were realistic personalities, and their actions were both believable and compelling. The dialogue was superb and relayed the emotions and mindset of the characters perfectly too. The plot reveals a darker side of fame and the negative aspects such as overbearing fans, media intrusion, and how financial gain overrides personal happiness. The ending was spectacular and filled with excitement and tension as Nikki becomes entangled in a dangerous situation. Her character develops gradually and realistically throughout the story, and the next chapter in her life is definitely going to be interesting.

Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

Non-stop thrill ride and personal backstage pass into the adventurous life of this 1960’s rock star…she pursues life, even when taunted by death, this fast-paced adventure is one readers will find impossible to put down.

I. Watson  

I loved it.  At first I coined it a “girl book” but I was intrigued and hooked.  Found myself devouring it!  Now, of course, I need to know what’s next.  I need more!

Michael Hall  

Rothermel has a way with words that not only brings you into the action but holds your attention throughout.  You will come to love or hate the characters and will find yourself hoping you have the answers as you turn the page.

B. Pechin  

From innocent ingénue to international intrigue, Nikki’s journey is full of surprising, romantic twists.  Her discovery by music stardom is like reality show American Idol, mixed with the maturing evolution and revelation like the Harry Potter series.  More! is the start of a multi-book project that leaves readers re-reading in anticipation of the next release because we definitely want, More! …

Lynette Good  

I own a general contracting company.  I picked up your book just to kill time until the Suns game came on.  I never saw the game.  Couldn’t put it down.

Hal Porter